Winner: DAR, Inc.
Located: Anaheim, CA
Client: Self
Title: DARn Red Ball Promotion
Category: Direct Mail Piece

We all get direct mail pieces every day. The challenge is obviously to stand out among the competition. In 18 years of marketing and communication competitions, nothing has stood out more than DAR, Inc.’s self marketing piece. It arrived in a square box that was three-feet tall by three-feet wide. Inside was the DARn Red Ball along with an oversized marketing piece that on one side details creative uses for the ball and on the other side, the Red Ball theme is carried over into marketing messages for DAR’s services. Wait there’s more. There is also a website they bounce you to (DAR’s words) where you can design and share your creative uses ( This is a fun marketing piece that attracts attention for DAR’s direct marketing services, and even after the thrill is gone, it is impossible to throw the thing out. That darn red ball will probably be around our office forever.