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White Rabbit Advertising Agency2015 MarCom Awards Spotlight: White Rabbit Ltd

2015 MarCom Awards Spotlight: White Rabbit Ltd

While the winners for the 2015 MarCom Awards won’t be announced until Oct. 30, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out. Keep checking back to see if your work will be highlighted.

MarCom Awards Organization: White Rabbit Ltd
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Title of Entry: “Grapes From a Noble House”
Category: 104. Print Magazine Creativity

With magazines filled with as many pages of ads as articles, it’s a trick to design a message that captures attention. Thumbing through the pages, you are inundated with pretty people, gorgeous landscapes, and witty phrases.

Hungary’s White Rabbit Entertainment Company, an independent full-service advertising agency, manages to cut through the clutter with an eye-popping ad that is stylish and clever. The agency recently designed a print ad for 2HA Winery in Hungary.  The result is a lush, romantic, and sophisticated creation that makes you want to think and drink.

White Rabbit Grapes From A Noble House Ad