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denison-university2016 Hermes Creative Awards Spotlight: Denison University

2016 Hermes Creative Awards Spotlight: Denison University

Before we release a list of all the winners for the 2016 Hermes Creative Awards on May 2, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out. Keep checking back to see if your work will be highlighted. Haven’t entered yet? There’s still time (until April 12!).

Hermes Creative Awards Organization: Denison University
Location: Granville, Ohio
Title of Entry: “Student Life at Denison”
Category: 158. Educational video

This incredible video shows a walk through Denison University campus telling the schools’ story, in one continuous shot. This is a great example of precision planning and execution. The reel is very well shot, edited and choreographed. You sense that everyone had a lot of fun doing this, and it leaves the viewer asking, how did they do that?