AVA Winner Hangar 30 Inc.

Winner: Hangar 30 Inc.
Title of Entry: Wingman Project
Location: Denver, CO
Client: Air National Guard Safety Directorate
Category: 60. Mobile App

http://www.hangar30.com/It seems about everyone has a mobile app for something these days, from the profane to the profound. Most seem to be for games and the rest informational. Apps also hold the possibility that they can provide a public service. Hangar 30, a Denver based marketing agency, developed a suicide prevention app for the Air National Guard. The app is called Wingman and provides simple tools that not only identify potential suicide victims, but also offer contacts and lifelines to intervene anywhere in the country. The interface is easy to navigate and allows users to quickly access pertinent information. Though developed for the Air National Guard, this app could easily be modified for other professions and social classes.