2013 Hermes Winner, Behavior Design

hermes link graphicWinner: Behavior Design
Location: NY, NY
Title: 2010 Annual Report
Client: Thomson Reuters
Category: E-Annual Report

bhvr_logoBehavior Design agency in New York prides itself on interactive storytelling viewing user experience as a narrative journey.  One of Behavior Design’s e-annual report clients is Thomson Reuters.  The international media and information firm has offices in over 100 countries and more than 60,000 employees…so the task was formidable. Using stylish graphics and multimedia elements, the e-annual report draws in visitors and let’s them explore the company one click at a time.  The report spans the globe allowing visitors to follow the business with interactive maps and information kiosks. The layout is easy to navigate and the content flows from one topic to another.  Annual reports usually contain mountains of information, which can overwhelm.  Behavior Design’s effort is as inviting as it is informational. See report, here.
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